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Grannys Apples

Grannys ApplesGrandparents' Involvement

Grandparents an important aspect in the lives of children to promote character development and to embrace an aging population. Grandparents are invited to read to children.  During this time, children learn to value and respect elderly and at same time, this is a time in which grandparents feel needed.  The word “grandparents” conjures up a unique world where the dual role of parenting is manifest. Grandparents act as shock absorbers, which cushion the aftershocks and they also act as bouncing boards, which help to ricochet a range of emotions. The different roles they play only serve to emphasize their vital link in the family. With a wealth of old world experience behind them, and having the unique ability of being able to metamorphose from advisers and listeners to mediators and friends, they can offer support and stability.