About MITI Kids Teachers

Qualifications and Experience

  1. Exceeds requirements as mandated by the State of MS
  2. Combined child care experience over 50 years
  3. CPR and First Aid Certified
  4. Completes over 20 continuing education credits from the International Association and Continuing Education and Training (IACET) provider.
  5. Past background and fingerprinting checks
  6. Child Development Associate (CDA) credentialed
  7. Receives continuous training on topics of education, health and safety.
  8. Great story tellers

Other qualifications.

Anticipate and prevent problems, deal with disruptive children, provide fair but firm discipline, and very enthusiastic and constantly alert. They communicate effectively with the children and parents, as well as with teachers and other child care workers. They demonstrate patience, understanding, and very articulate.  Have lots of energy and physical stamina.. Skilled in perormaing arts for special subjects

MITI Kids Teachers Wear Many Hats

  • They play an important role in children’s development by caring for them.
  • In addition to attending to children’s basic needs, they organize activities and implement curricula that stimulate children’s physical, emotional, intellectual, and social growth.
  • They help children explore individual interests, develop talents and independence, build self-esteem, and learn how to get along with others.
  • They bathe, dress, and feed children; supervise their play;
  • They do maintain contact with parents or guardians through informal meetings or scheduled conferences to discuss each child’s progress and needs.
  • They keep records of each child’s progress and suggest ways in which parents can stimulate their child’s learning and development at home..

Guided by Their Hearts

MITI Kids child care associates recognize that children learn through play and capitalize on children’s play to further language development (storytelling and acting games), improve social skills (working together to build a neighborhood in a sandbox), and introduce scientific and mathematical concepts (balancing and counting blocks when building a bridge or mixing colors when painting). Often a less structured approach is used to teach young children, including small-group lessons; one-on-one instruction; and creative activities such as art, dance, and music. Child care associates play a vital role in preparing children to build the skills they will need in school.

Child care associates greet young children as they arrive, help them with their jackets, and select an activity of interest. When caring for infants, they feed and change them.
To ensure a well-balanced program, child care associates, prepare daily and long-term schedules of activities. Each day’s activities balance individual and group play, as well as quiet and active time. Children are given some freedom to participate in activities in which they are interested. As children age, child care workers may provide more guided learning opportunities, particularly in the areas of math and reading.

Concern over school-aged children being home alone before and after school has spurred many parents to seek alternative ways for their children to constructively spend their time. The purpose of before- and after-school programs is to watch over school-aged children during the gap between school hours and the end of their parents’ daily work hours. These programs also may operate during the summer and on weekends. Workers in before- and after-school programs may help students with their homework or engage them in other extracurricular activities. These activities may include field trips, sports, or learning about computers, painting, photography, or other fun subjects. Some child care workers are responsible for taking children to school in the morning and picking them up from school in the afternoon. Before- and after-school programs may be operated by public school systems, local community centers, or other private organizations.

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